British Council is bringing FameLab, one of the biggest science communication competitions in the world, to Uganda. Applications for FameLab 2017 are now closed.

What is FameLab?

FameLab is a competition for scientists, mathematicians and engineers to talk about an aspect of their science in just 3 minutes in front of a live audience and a panel of judges. Competitors can use any props that they can carry with them on stage (but not PowerPoint). They can sing, dance, draw, talk, do demos and tricks – as long as it is all scientifically sound.
The competition is designed to inspire, motivate and develop scientists and engineers to engage with the general public and stakeholders, requiring them to present science in a more accessible format. 

FameLab was set up in 2005 by Cheltenham Festivals, UK in partnership with NESTA to find and nurture scientists with a flair for communicating with public audiences. Since 2007, thanks to a partnership with the British Council, FameLab has gone global, with competitions now held in over 30 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and the United States. Globally more than 7000 researchers working in scientific fields such as engineering, mathematics, technology, chemistry to name but a few, have taken part. Approximately 350 partners and sponsors have also been engaged. The result is a vibrant network of exciting scientists and engineers engaging international audiences but also with each other, broadening each other’s views of what it means to be working in science right now.

Why should you participate?

If you think you can explain a scientific concept to a general audience in three minutes, then why not enter? You could become the new face of science in Uganda and travel to the United Kingdom this June 2017 to represent the country at the Cheltenham Science Festival.  

By taking part in FameLab you will inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers in Uganda and gain invaluable communication skills. Importantly, you will become part of an increasingly exciting international network of scientists and engineers able to clearly and imaginatively explain their science to the general public.


All participants who are selected from the auditions will receive a valuable two day master class in science communication by a renowned public engagement specialist coming to Uganda from the UK.   

The winner of FameLab Uganda will travel all expenses paid to the United Kingdom this June 2017 to take part in international master classes as well as attend the Cheltenham Science Festival. 

Eligibility Criteria

The competition is open to Ugandan citizens aged 21 and above, working in or studying technology, engineering, medicine, biology, chemistry, physics or mathematics. This includes private and public sector employees.

We welcome:

  • lecturers in science, mathematics or engineering subjects, including specialist science teachers with a science degree
  • Researchers who use existing research or meta-studies
  • People who work on applying science, technology or mathematics – for example, patent clerks, statisticians, computer technicians, and consultants to industry
  • University students in science, mathematics or engineering subjects (aged 21 years and above)
  • People who apply science, mathematics or engineering in the armed forces or government bodies
  • People who apply science, engineering or mathematics in industry or business

We cannot accept:

People who are already working professionally in public engagement with science, including

  • Press or PR officers, even for science-related organisations 
  • Artists who work on science-related themes
  • Performers whose shows are about science or engineering 
  • Permanent science centre staff who work exclusively or mainly with the public 
  • Journalists and broadcasters (as their main or only job) 
  • Non-specialist teachers 

Enter the competition

Registration for FameLab Uganda 2017 is now open! Before you apply please make sure you are eligible to take part and follow these simple steps to apply:

1.Fill in the online registration form

2.We will contact you by email to confirm receipt of your application and inform you of the details, next steps and activity timelines.

3.You will be invited to present your scientific topic to our panel of judges.

4. Application deadline: 6 April 2017.

Our Partners

The support of our partners makes FameLab possible. 

FameLab Uganda 2017 is funded by Cipla Quality Chemical Industries Ltd and managed by British Council. 

Cipla Quality Chemical Industries Ltd (CiplaQCIL) is a state of the art pharmaceutical plant that manufactures the latest Anti-retroviral (ARVs), Anti-malarial (ACTs) and Hepatitis B medicines. CiplaQCIL is a WHO pre-qualified facility located in Kampala, Uganda, the only one of its kind in East Africa currently producing a range of WHO prequalified medicines.


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