Ours by Right

Supporting youth to participate in democratic governance

Ours by Right is a programme that helps youth and youth leaders participate in and strengthen democracy in Uganda. Co-funded by the European Union, the project is part of an intervention into good governance in Uganda.

The project has been an eye-opener and helped us to realise that youth have an important role to play in the development agenda. – District Community Development Officer, Pallisa District

The project supports elected youth councillors and youth civil society organisation leaders in four project districts to lobby and advocate for youth-supported development interventions, promote greater accountability, and more effective participation of youth in monitoring democratic and governance processes.

The project is delivered in partnership with the Uganda Youth Network and we work closely with the district local governments of Pallisa, Nebbi, Apac and Bushenyi.

Available resources

Youth councillors and youth organisation leaders can download the following resources from the download box below:

  • training manual on improving youth participation in governance and development in Uganda
  • handbook on improving service delivery through citizen-led budget monitoring. 

Our success fo far

The programme has:

  • provided training and mentoring for 111 elected youth leaders and 148 youth civil society organisation leaders (CSOs)
  • created an accountability forum where youth leaders demand accountability from senior leaders
  • increased young people’s participation in budget and resource allocation, and in monitoring of budgets and service delivery
  • helped build a critical mass of young talented leaders with the skills and knowledge required to strengthen social accountability in Uganda


This kind of sitting and discussing is very healthy for the governance of the district. It makes each of the stakeholders accountable to each other and should be encouraged. – Deputy District Chairperson, Nebbi District commenting about the management forum

In the recent district council, I competed for the Chairperson of Production and Marketing committee and I received overwhelming support from cross section of the councillors from different political affiliations. This shows the trust the councillors have in me despite being a youth and more to that a female. Such positions have always been a reserve for men and a female councillor getting support from the council is not easy considering that I subscribe to NRM political party that has fewer councillors within the district council. – Florence Acuma, District Female Youth Councillor

Our entire association has changed because of the training we went through. We have made a work plan and a budget. We have learned that we need to be part of networks related to our work. We learnt that we are supposed to lift up the rights holders and understand that duty bearers are there to serve the right holders. We now understand that our role is to empower the community to demand their rights. – Civil Society Member, Pallisa District

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