What is Shakespeare Lives?

Shakespeare Lives is a global programme of events and activities celebrating the world's most popular playwright's work on the 400th anniversary of his death in 2016.The programme will include a host of events, including innovative theatre and dance performances, film screenings, globally sourced art exhibitions, and educational resources for English language learners.


How can I get involved?

A major highlight will be a mass participation project inviting people worldwide to respond creatively to scenes from Shakespeare’s plays, culminating in a crowd-sourced digital reimagining of Shakespeare’s works.Plenty of other opportunities to get involved in Shakespeare Lives events and workshops can be found by visiting the Shakespeare Lives website.

To get involved in the conversation follow #ShakespeareLives on Twitter



What's on with Shakespeare Lives

1. Discover the science behind some of Shakespeare's most exciting moments ‪#‎ShakespeareLives‬


2. Study English in the home of Shakespeare.
The UK is the world number one destination for English language study. Search courses and find out how to apply with the British Council’s Education UK website: http://ow.ly/VZ335

3. Let Shakespeare be the door to your UK education!
Whether you’re a humanities student wanting to find out more about Shakespeare’s life and times, a budding actor or actress aiming to perfect your technique, or a language student hoping to practise your English… there are hundreds of opportunities for exploring Shakespeare in the UK. Come and study in the land of his birth or explore your interests online. Find out more here: http://ow.ly/RGZOf

4. With four of the top ten universities in the world educating more Nobel Prize winners than any other country…

Find out where your UK education could take you: http://ow.ly/VYXCG

More on Shakespeare Lives

5. Two houses, both alike in common crime’. Star Cross’d is Laura Dockrill’s contemporary take on Romeo & Juliet, which we commissioned for #ShakespeareLives. Will true love win out, over the tutti frutti?  https://youtu.be/gqqkn7gRNkE


Feeling in the mood for love after Valentine's Day? Watch our new #ShakespeareLives Romeo & Juliet https://youtu.be/gqqkn7gRNkE

7. Award winning young adult author Laura Dockrill reimagines Shakespeare's classic love story in 'Star Cross'd' as part of #ShakespeareLives  https://youtu.be/gqqkn7gRNkE

8. Experience Twelfth Night in a new way, as 5 UK rappers take on reinterpreting one of Shakespeare's most famous plays. #ShakespeareLives https://youtu.be/gKc31H6adR8

9. Eyez, Maverick Sabre, Mic Righteous, NoLay & Nego True take centre stage, bringing Twelfth Night into the 21st century #ShakespeareLives https://youtu.be/gKc31H6adR8

10. 'If music be the food of love, play on...' - We tasked 5 UK rappers to create their own interpretation of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night #ShakepeareLives https://youtu.be/gKc31H6adR8

11. Filmed at the Globe, 5 leading UK rappers transform the themes and ideas behind Shakespeare's Twelfth Night in a contemporary way. #ShakespeareLives https://youtu.be/gKc31H6adR8

12. The first of our #ShakespeareLives films of 2016 reimagines Twelfth Night in a fresh way. https://youtu.be/gKc31H6adR8

13. We've teamed up with SBTV to create a unique interpretation of Twelfth Night that you won't have seen before. #ShakespeareLives https://youtu.be/gKc31H6adR8

15. Shakespeare fans, we're going to be celebrating the works of the bard in 2016 - find out why ‪#‎ShakespeareLives‬:http://www.shakespearelives.org/

Play Your Part

Do you have a favourite Shakespeare moment? It could be your most-loved play, a character who resonates with you, a villain you love to hate, a soliloquy that stirs your soul or fond memories of seeing a play in performance or studying it at school.


Share anything - from your favourite line, to a quote, to a word, to a specific production by using the hashtag #PlayYourPart on Facebook or Twitter.

Record a video with your phone’s camera, using the following text as a guide:

I’m [insert name] from [insert job title, town/country]. My favourite Shakespeare moment is [insert quote/scene/speech/performance memory] because it [represents/reminds me of/makes me feel, etc.]

Once you are done recording the video, post it with the following text:

Every child deserves an education. #PlayYourPart and donate to @VSO_Intl http://bit.ly/1RHi77r


More on Play Your Part

1. Throughout 2016, as part of ‪#‎ShakespeareLives‬, British Council is supporting VSO in order to help give children around the world the education they deserve.

Find out more about the life changing work they do in Rwanda: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7B1lk0T_-o ‪#‎PlayYourPart‬

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