British Council is currently looking for a Country Director for our operations in Uganda. Through an in-depth understanding of Uganda and the UK, the Country Director will lead the development and delivery of effective, sustainable and corporately aligned cultural relations between the two geographies, drawing on the UK’s cultural assets and thereby strengthening awareness of, positive attitudes towards and collaboration with the wider UK.


Location Kampala
Duration 3 Years (Fixed Term)
Closing date Thursday 15 April 2021

Role overview

Main opportunities/challenges for this role:

Basic Education and Girls

The government of Uganda domestic financing to education is one of the lowest in sub-Saharan Africa despite having a strong policy environment and a sector plan that prioritises access, quality, and efficiency of delivery. Access to quality education is an issue for marginalised children, especially girls and refugees. The UK government’s Africa strategy aims to harness the potential of the continent’s young and fast-growing population by widening access to education. The British Council is strategically positioned and networked to deliver on this ambition through partnerships with the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), government, education practitioners and donors. Country Director (CD) leads on relationship management with key stakeholders in the FCDO, government, public and private sectors.

Language for Resilience

In rural primary schools in Uganda, the medium of instruction is the local language which then transitions to English in primary 4. Host schools for refugee learners struggle to support this transition despite teachers’ ability to operate comfortably in English. The British Council’s research on Language use in refugee-impacted schools in 2020 produced practical resources and recommendations that will require support from external funding sources to support professional development for teachers.

Tax status

The relationship between British Council Uganda and the Government of Uganda dates back to the 1990s. The MOU does not confer any status to the British Council Uganda and there is no reference to our revenue generating activity. A business case for a status and tax change project was developed in 2010/11 but has been not yet been prioritised for implementation.


How to apply

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