The British Council with support from UNICEF is delivering the English Bilingual project in 4 districts within the Karamoja region for 30 primary school teachers. The project is aimed to contribute to UNICEFs quality basic education programme goal improving access to inclusive quality primary education to increase learning outcomes for girls and boys in 7 districts in Uganda by end 2018.

We are providing technical support to train teachers in local material writing to develop simple reading materials for their pupils.The project is supporting the training of primary school teachers in the targeted schools in creative writing to boost the development of reading competencies for learners as well as promoting reading in the community. This model has been effective in developing teachers as authors and children as illustrators and the British Council has previously implemented similar projects in Gulu, Lira and Iganga.

How it works

Selected Primary School teachers are being supported to produce two stories each in either local language (Ng’karimajong) or English, which is then translated and produced as bi-lingual short stories used in teaching literacy in their schools. Working with our partner, VSO, and the National Curriculum Development Center, a selection of the stories will be published and distributed to the project schools.  

The training content includes: preparing to write; imagining the child reader - how to target a child reader; identifying characteristics of literature for children; use of appropriate grammar for early grade/age, and creative writing skills and techniques. After discussing these topics and taking part in group activities the teachers work on their scripts with the help of the facilitators.