While producing a 3-minute video highlighting poor garbage disposal in Kampala City may seem an implausible task for high school students, it didn’t deter students of Agha Khan High School from making one. One, which won them the Sub Saharan Africa Regional award for the ‘Your World’ Competition; a global competition open to students who take         UK school examinations such as International GCSEs and A levels at schools in the British Council Partner Schools Global Network.

Following their success in the competition, the winning group of students, along with all other participants, were invited to a fun day training workshop under the British Council East Africa Arts Programme through engaging with the “Creative Enterprise” strand of the programme.  The fun day training workshop was facilitated by Creative Enterprise Associate Japheth Kawanguzi under the theme ’Know your World; Solve big problems’.  The workshop, held at the Innovation Village, a creative space that hosts and promotes new technologies, businesses, products, services and creative startups, saw the students exploring and igniting creative business ideas in video animations, art, fashion and painting. 

The Creative Enterprise programme is a collaboration between the British Council and a UK innovation agency Nesta.  It introduces young people to creative and practical tools offering a useful basis for developing, testing and turning creative ideas into sustainable practice. 

“Today I’m walking away a different person. I have learnt that believing in yourself is the most important; and you can run wild with ideas!” said Fahima Namaganda one of the students who attended the training. Another student, Alexandra Busingye, said, “I have been inspired greatly and have affirmed the phrase; ‘nothing is impossible’. After seeing so many young entrepreneurs, I am very encouraged to go forward with my passion.” 

The Head teacher Agha Khan High School, Mr. Michael Musaazi, thanked the British Council for organising the event. “It was a pleasure working with the British Council to provide lifelong skills. I hope the students made the best use of their time”.

In September 2017, the British Council’s Partner Schools Global Network (PSGN) initiative launched the third ‘Your World’ global competition for school students. The theme for the academic year was ‘Natural Environment’. Globally, entries were received from 21 countries (348 schools). The competition is a part of a series of activities that the British Council conducts in partner schools under the Partner Schools Global Network (PSGN) initiative.

To learn more about the Partner Schools Global Network (PSGN), please click here.