A female teacher in front of a classroom.

Are you a school administrator, leader or teacher? Do you want to deepen your skills in school management or integrate a range of skills into your curriculum?

The British Council is inviting educators to enrol for the free Core Skills training programme. The training packages give participants the tools and approaches they need to ensure effective core skills provision in their schools, including strategies for planning, monitoring and improving teaching and learning and for mapping core skills across the curriculum. 

The skills were developed by experienced education professionals, and are based on extensive research. 

Online courses are available to help teachers and school leaders introduce the core skills to their students and to embed the skills within the curriculum.

The six core skills are:

  • Digital Literacy 
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Student leadership
  • Collaboration and communication
  •  Citizenship

Teaching the core skills

Sign up for free Connecting Classrooms online training package to learn interactive teaching approaches and techniques for effectively introducing the six core skills in the classroom.


Core Skills Level 1

Introduction to core skills for Teachers
Introduction to core skills for School Leaders 
Earn 15 SACE Professional Development points for each Module

An Introduction to Core Skills for Teachers 15 points
An Introduction to Core Skills for School Leaders 15 points
An Introduction to Core Skills and Leadership Development 15 points

Core Skills Level 2

Intermediate In-depth focus on core skills
Earn 15 SACE Professional Development points for each Module
Leading Core Skills 15 points
Teaching Digital Literacy 15 points
Teaching Creativity and Imagination 15 points
Teaching Collaboration and Communication 15 points
Teaching Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 15 points
Teaching Student Leadership and Personal Development 15 points
Teaching Citizenship 15 points
 Instructional Leadership    15 points      

The Core Skills programme has been signed off by the Department of Basic Education and educators can earn SACE points by completing the courses online.