Sophie Namulema ©


Sophie Namulema is a seasoned auditor and a Senior Associate with PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Uganda, one of the top audit firms in the world. She has been pursuing the ACCA qualification and was part of the candidates who took the ACCA exams with the British Council in December 2016. 

Throughout her course, she has registered a consistent top of the class winning record and she achieved the same in her ACCA exams in six papers. She was ranked number one in the world for the Advanced Financial Management paper. Having joined PwC as an associate in the assurance line of service in September 2014, she has progressed through the ranks to senior associate with experience in managing and leading audits in various sectors. 

Sophie’s achievements have been documented in all the leading daily newspapers and publications in Uganda. She credits the ACCA qualification as having helped her achieve her dream of having a professional financial qualification that is globally recognized. “With this qualification, I am able to advance my career anywhere in the world and I am also able to identify with many people from across the globe.

Having a professional qualification has presented better opportunities for me and made me more marketable in the global economy,” she says.On how the ACCA exams are arranged and administered: Sophie credits British Council’s processes   and found the entire exam process ‘smart and professional.’ “Even with the large ACCA numbers, the British Council team was never disorganized; the exams were always on time, the venues were very accessible for everyone and generally the environment was always calm.”